Tinsley Park Target Shooting Club

If you would like further details of the club or information regarding membership then please contact admin by clicking on the email address below.

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Where we are

The Range itself is a 100 Yard enclosed area based near the A610 off junction 26 of the M1 and within sight of IKEA. The facilities include a clubhouse with electric heating, tea/coffee facility, covered firing point, equipment store and target store and of course our 100Mtr range..
Use these maps to find us, but all you need to do is  travel on the A610 between Nottingham M1 J26 to  Eastwood, Langley Mill and Heanor, past the IKEA exit, and take the 1st left then the 1st right into the  grounds (the gate may be closed but unlocked). If you get to the Sewage Works then  you missed the right turn, if you end up at a railway line or canal then you took the 2nd right.
When you get into the grounds, drive past the radio controlled car circuits, past the Football  Club and our car park is at the end.

What we do

Air Gun

Non FAC Air Rifles and pistols

The club is licenced only for legal limit air rifles and pistols, Spring, Pre-Charged and Co2
We shoot up to 100yds to paper, metal or reactive targets.  


Long, Recurve, Compound

We have access to  a large area of land, and can make a range of several hundred metres.


Recurve, Compound

Crossbows can be used on the range shooting to approved Boss's only


and mostly fun and cameradery

We have a very active group on Facebook.

DAYSTATE Airguns    

Tinsley Park  Target Shooting Club are supported by Daystate Airguns.

(Membership Currently FULL)

Application form

General Rules

By admin, posted November 3rd 2018

The gate to the club grounds is a shared gate, and we have a limited number of keys for that gate. We have found that keeping membership to around 40 members works best for the club.

We have a large range, over 100yds, with 8 firing points available for sitting, kneeling, standing or prone, air rifle or pistol, UK legal power. We are NOT FAC rated at present and have lots of static target points, knockover targets, reactive targets etc. 

Following a recent Grant we have been able to have a commercial security fence around the range which now allows us to shoot Dawn till Dusk 7 Days a week. The range is not open these hours however... access to the range depends on there being a Keyholder present.

Membership subs are currently just £65 a year for adults  – we do require a deposit for the gate key, if required of £40 however. We cannot replace the keys, so each key that isn’t returned deprives someone else of membership – this is why there is a deposit.  Most members don't bother with Keys, they keep in contact with regular attending members who are happy to arrange suitable range access.

You must provide your own shooting insurance, there are several companies that can provide this for you, BASC, BASA, GunStar etc. We cannot accept you as a member unless you can provide proof of insurance.

There are NO OTHER FEES, no range fees... nothing extra, all you need to do is turn up and SHOOT.

Ok, So how do I join?

Next step is to apply to join the groups page on Facebook, search for Tinsley Park Shooting Club or click here ( and once approved you can introduce yourself. If you ask about a convenient time to come up and visit the club, it won’t be long before someone offers to arrange to meet you and show you round.

Download the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION form above, fill it in, bring your proof of insurance and then come along at the agreed time.

Or, complete the Need more info form below, We will do the rest and reply by eMail.

Currently (November 2018) Membership is FULL. If you are interested in joing us when Memberships are available, please contact us.  If you like what you see you can shoot as a Guest shooter at a rate of £5 a day...  Regular Guests gain preferential status when Memberships are available.  

Please be aware that NON-MEMBERS / GUESTS will not be allowed to shoot without prior arrangement and proof of Personal Liability Insurance as stated above.

Need more info?

Fill in this form, we will get back to you soon, as long as we are not shooting, then you can wait!

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